Unprecedented service


We install in all our condominium projects LED lightings. Here are some advantages of LED lightings.

LED lights have a variety of advantages over other light sources:
High-levels of brightness and intensity
Low-voltage and current requirements
Low radiated heat
High reliability (resistant to shock and vibration)
No UV Rays
Long source life
Can be easily controlled and programmed

Lighting Technology
LED              30,000- 50,000 hrs
CFL               8,000 – 15,000 hrs
HALOGEN   1,000 – 5,000 hrs
INCANDESCENT      1,000 hrs



We at C3 Protect your home using Aiphone VIDEO intercom systems, which includes 170 degree entry station camera equipped with 3.5” LCD display and provides complete entry visibility.

This feature allows homeowners to screen visitors before opening the door to potential danger.


C3 is offering to their buyer’s unprecedented concierge service provided by Chicago Anytime Assistant. This company is a premier personal assistant service. They offer a variety of errand and virtual services, professional organizing, and moving and relocation assistance. These services can help homebuyers manage the moving process as well as free up time spent on other household tasks, including:

  • Personal errands
  • Professional organizing
  • Concierge/virtual services
  • Manage household maintenance needs and repairs & oversee service appointments (handyman, plumber, etc.)
  • Home check-ins while homeowners are on vacation
  • Schedule cleaning services and let cleaners in/out
  • Chicago Anytime Assistants will work directly with homebuyers to define services needed.
  • Buyers will sign service agreement directly with Chicago Anytime Assistants at the time of closing for each unit. The buyers will get 35 hours of concierge serveries free of charge.
  • Hours to be used for up to one year from closing.
  • Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM – 5PM.
  • Chicago Anytime Assistants will respond to requests within 1 business day (usually same-day) and can schedule services within 48-hours. They will provide a written summary at the completion of each task or project to keep track of uses hours.

Hardwood Floors
Brand Name Stainless Steel Appliances
Quartz Countertops
High quality cabinets,
Designed by professional interior designers




Over 89% of new home buyers would like their builder to provide an insured warranty.

  • We at C3 take pride in the quality of our homes, and how well they’re built. We’re proud to give every one of our homeowners a comprehensive 10-year written warranty backed by insurance.
  • We provide our homeowners with a copy of our quality performance standards before you buy one of our homes. Our commitment to quality is the most important feature of our homes.
  • Our warranty lasts for ten full years. And if you sell the home before ten years is up, the warranty can be passed to the new buyer, making this an important resale tool.
  • Transferability:Transferability: If the home is sold during the 10 year warranty period, the remaining portion of the warranty can be transferred to the new owner at no cost.
  • Insurance Protection: Consumers have a greater sense of trust and security because their warranty is backed by a strong insurer
  • Clear Standards: Trust is established through comprehensive, understandable, written standards contained in the warranty document.
  • Dispute Resolution: Homebuilders and Homebuyers can resolve warranty disputes without the expense and delays of litigation.
  • No Deductibles: In the event of a claim, the Homeowner ever pays a deductible.



We install Nest thermostats in all our projects. It is not only energy saving fixture but allows you to much more. Learn more about Nest by visiting manufacturers link below.